Recent years have seen a boom in social casino games. Enjoy free slot machine games without risking any money with these apps. While the slots in social casino games play just like real slot machines, the dynamics are quite different when you’re not playing for cash payouts. Advancing to higher levels and unlocking more content become an addictive process.

Some machines are very stingy with level-ups and rewards, while others help you advance much faster. Study the stats and payout amounts and learn which ones provide the most XP or free coins per spin. It varies greatly between machines. Always check the machine stats before investing your precious coins into playing. Machines with bonus features and free spin modes are ideal for quickly gaining XP. For leveling up fast, you’ll want to up the ante to maximize your XP earnings per spin. Most social casino slots allow you to bet between 100-500 coins per spin. The maximum bet is usually in the 2,000-10,000 range. Betting the max causes the machine to dish out considerably more XP per spin. It lets you fill your XP bar much faster compared to minimum betting. The downside is that you’ll churn through coins quicker as well. For those looking to level up strictly, max betting is a better option.

Pretty much every social game these days offers bonuses and freebies by connecting your social accounts. Make sure you’ve claimed all the signup bonuses available in your game. Completing your Facebook, Twitter, email, etc account connections grants you millions of free coins to start playing the slots fast and hard. Also, take advantage of daily login bonuses, hourly bonuses, and any other free coin promotions. Playing with house money makes it easier to bet big. Limited-time mini events are a great way to earn bursts of XP and coins. These range from hourly contests to stretched out month-long events. Partaking in and completing as many ongoing events as possible will constantly boost your leveling speed. Most events reward top players with special high-value items as well. Setting reminders to check for new events frequently helps you maximize your participation.

If you don’t mind spending a little real cash, purchasing daily deals and bundles accelerates your advancement. Many social slot games let you buy bundles of coins, free spins, powerups, XP boosts, and more. You can play longer sessions and progress faster. Just be cautious, as these microtransactions quickly add up. Setting a strict budget is wise. There are often good-value packs tailored towards level progression that are worth checking out. Consistent play is key to maximizing your leveling speed. The more you play, the faster you’ll fill your XP bar and earn rewards. Make visiting your game at least once daily a habit. Spinning every day, even if just for a few minutes, will build your level of progress over time. Earn incentive rewards for daily logins while you’re at it. Getting into a groove of spinning every 24 hours benefits you in the long run. If you want more detail, hop over to this site.

Once you’ve reached a new level, consider going back and replaying previous levels. Now that you have better slot skills, you improve your performance on past machines. Set goals to increase your winnings, complete more achievements, fill out your sticker collection, or unlock anything you missed the first time around. Replaying also lets you earn more coins to help boost future progression.


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