Cricket Betting Tips: 3 Tips To Keep In Mind While Making Your Next Cricket Bet

With IPL season around the corner, betting on cricket is a perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to earn money while enjoying the thrill of the sport. The evolution of online bookies or sportsbooks and the gradual acceptance of sports betting have exploded the online satta cricket market in the Indian subcontinent.

While thousands of people try their luck with sports betting every day, only a few earn good returns. People who go into the industry thinking it to be a walk in the park get disappointed soon. This is because a lot of them fail to realize the difference between bets and earning profits from those bets. Betting money on cricket is easy, but earning profit from the bets is tricky. This article discusses three important points to consider before placing your next cricket bet.


Dew, in simple terms, is the moisture in the atmosphere that appears in the form of minute water droplets on different exposed objects due to condensation. In cricket, the dew factor is the occurrence of these water droplets on the ground that makes the ball difficult to grip due to excessive moisture.

As the sun goes down during the evening, the ground releases the heat accumulated by solar radiation during the day quickly in comparison to the surrounding air. Thus, a temperature difference exists between the earth’s surface and the air that initiates the process of condensation, and as the temperature goes down, the rate of condensation exceeds the rate of evaporation, resulting in the dew formation on the grass. The dew factor is important to consider as it affects the performance of both the batting and the bowling side. The factor is more prominent in the colder weather.

As dew mostly affects the second half of the game, captains try to win the toss to take the decision in their favor. Dew is a nightmare for bowlers, especially spinners. This is because as the match proceeds, the ball becomes moist with every passing delivery, and the film of water combines with dirt and pollution to form a soapy layer, which makes it difficult for the bowlers to grip the ball properly. It also interrupts the trajectory of the bowling delivery.

To give an example, it is much easier to hold a bar of soap when it’s dry, while it is difficult to hold the bar when it’s wet because of the layer of water and soap. The same thing happens to bowlers when they try to grip a moist ball. That is the reason why bowlers keep drying the ball with a towel or their jersey after every delivery. The dew effect on the fielding unit is pretty neutral, but it does make it difficult to take high catches, especially under bright lights. Also, as the ground is wet, it is frustrating for the fielder to get a direct hit. These effects, however, are advantageous to the batsmen as it reduces their chances of losing a wicket.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Player Proposition Bets

If you are tired of betting on the  outcome of matches, try your hand at the other popular betting options, such as the player proposition or prop bets. Betting on match outcomes can be difficult for a beginner because of the high competition that comes with its popularity.

Prop betting or proposition betting has been around for decades, but its concept is rather new to the masses in comparison to popular betting options, such as betting on the outcome of a match and over/under betting. It involves anything other than the outcome of a match that the bookmaker finds interesting. Some of the popular prop bets to consider are:

  • Coin Toss- Bookmakers allow punters to bet on which team will win the coin toss of a cricket match. Some websites even allow bettors to wager on which side of the coin will win the match.
  • Best Batsman- There will be a player with the highest number of runs in every cricket match. You can bet on the top run-scorer of a match or the top run-scorer of a particular team.
  • Best Bowler- This is similar to betting on the best batsman of the match. You can wager on the player who will knock off the highest number of wickets in a match.
  • Player of the Match/ Player of the Series- The player with the most impactful performance is awarded the title of Player of the Match or the Player of the Series. Bettors can put their money on the player they think will give the most outstanding performance in the match. T
  • Most sixes- Similar to betting on the best batsman, bettors can wager on the player who will score the maximum sixes in a match.
  1. Beware Of The Over Bias In Prop Betting

While wagering on prop bets is pretty unpopular, there are certain cognitive biases that you should try to escape. One such bias is the temptation to wager for ‘the overs’ than ‘the unders’. Some punters play with their hearts and not their heads. They fail to keep their emotions in check and mindlessly buy the overs expecting unrealistic results from their favorites.

Don’t get this wrong, favorites do have higher winning chances than the underdogs, they are favorites for a reason after all. But that doesn’t mean you have to neglect every other negative possibility about them. There are different factors to consider before coming to any conclusion. For instance, injuries play an important role in betting on the sport. If a star player gets injured, it is going to reflect on the team’s score. Similarly, the weather is an important factor to consider as it greatly impacts the overall performance of a team.

The betting line-ups or odds are not constant, they change throughout the match depending on various factors such as the weather conditions, players’ performances, injuries, etc. The changing odds increase the tension between the teams and encourage people to bet on both sides. You can turn the situation in your favor by betting on the under.

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